All students are encouraged to become actively involved with the running of the school. Our philosophy is that we run the school ‘with’ the students rather than ‘for’ them. Students are represented on staff working groups and play an active role in decision making. For example, students have been closely involved in drawing up the school’s behaviour policy and anti-bullying strategy. Students are also involved in: evaluating learning and teaching;interviewing for senior posts on the staff; representing the school at local and national conferences; and organising special charity events through a special student-led group called Challoners for Charity (C4C).

Student Research Group

The Student Reserarch Group enables the school to draw on the services of a team of trained in-house researchers. The group consists of students from Year 8 to Year 13 who are commissioned either by members of staff or by the Student Senior Leadership Team to undertake specific research projects. The results of research are presented to the school’s Senior Leadership Team or the entire staff by the students.