DCGS has a long tradition of House Competitions. From the 1920s to the 1970s there were four houses at the school - Challoner, Hampden, Milton and Penn - all named after renowned Buckinghamshire residents. The house system was abolished during the 1970s, but reinstated in 2004. Upon entry to the school, students are allocated to one of six houses - Foxell, Holman, Newman, Pearson, Rayner and Thorne - all of which are named after previous headmasters.

A vast range of competitions are keenly contested during the course of the year with the winning house being presented with the House Shield. There are currently over 70 competitions contested annually, ranging from sports, drama and music to orienteering and code-breaking. It encourages participation from all members of each house and also gives significant opportunities for taking on responsibility with approximately 90 boys and girls involved each year as Captains, Deputy Captains, Mentors or Representatives.

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House representatives


Captains: Ben Nicholls, Ollie Rook and Jonah Alfert

Sixth Form Mentors for Year 7
Jai Daurka, Louis McAuley, Kiran Pandya and Harshitha Shirkay

Form representatives
Year 7: Issac Coultate and Zain Isaacson
Year 8: Srujan Devara and Dylan Sanderson
Year 9: Ollie Pemberton and Finn Geppert
Year 10: Nathan Sweeney and Tim Lomax
Year 11: Karun Biring and Sam Woodroff

Staff:  McAloon,  Cross,  Challis,  Priggs,  Clare,  Redmond,  Atkinson,  Cadman,  Byrne,  Smith,  Cullen,  Deadman,  Blake,  Whitby,  Snow,  Wojewodka,  Nott,  Butler,  Buchanan,  Hutchinson,  Akerman,  Buckland,  Laferton and  Spensley


Captains: Rishi Shah, Theo McGirr and Alex Burn

Sixth Form Mentors for Year 7
Cally Davis, William Newman, Ethan Tasou and

Form representatives
Year 7: Ed Moan, Will Lomax, Jayesh Board and Jordan Butcher
Year 8: Freddie Hall, Alec Cross and Mark Dias
Year 9: Mayur Magdani and Luke McHugh
Year 10: Charlie Hewson and Kayan Soomro
Year 11: Josh Britten and Harvey Russell

Staff:  Robertson,  Narcisi,  Healy,  Adi,  McShane,  Webb,  Fifield,  Greiff,  Green,  Britton,  Baker,  Instone,  Gledhill,  Connell,  Thompson,  Currums,  Porter,  Grant,  Burton,  Holloway,  Cronin,  Bushe,  Black and  Almada da Silva


Captains: Luca Perrin, Zoe Jackson and Jack Warburton

Sixth Form Mentors for Year 7
Katie Budden, Lindi Fang, Shreelakshmi Iyengar and

Form representatives
Year 7: Rory Webber and Richard Pennefather
Year 8: Sam Harris and Ed Overy
Year 9: Satvik Sinha and Seb Mukherjee
Year 10: Vincent Lin-Chapman and Ian Evans
Year 11: Seb Los and Jenson Davies

Staff:  Sealy,  Popely,  Malin,  Watts,  Morgan,  Walker,  Collins,  Krusche,  Krishnaswamy,  Whittle,  Sharpe,  Jones,  Goodall,  Walker,  Wimbridge,  Fermont,  Ravenscroft-Hull,  Harrington,  Atkinson,  Lunnon,  Borrell,  Lennard,  Abbas and  Sutton


Captains: Tommy Davies, Cameron Smart and Aidan Healy

Sixth Form Mentors for Year 7
Vaishnavi Dokka, Fionn Hughes, Simran Jarman and Srishruthi Thirumalai

Form representatives
Year 7: Bihandu Hewakadawedduwage and Aaron Rhodes
Year 8: Reuben Kalha and Abhiram Ravikumar
Year 9: Monty Sanders, Seb Mellows, Jose Gomez and Malachy Rooney
Year 10: Luca Starkey-Simpson and Charlie Haines
Year 11: Lawrence Parmenter and Aaron Litvin

Staff:  Sharp,  Sarahs,  Rodgers,  Wojcik,  Sanders,  Flattery,  Gregan,  Parkinson,  Mauro,  Hasan,  Beedell,  Main,  Jones,  Carpignani,  Pontin,  Kellas,  Shelley,  Latham,  Dawes,  Silvester,  Freeman,  Burn,  Colquhoun and  Keen


Captains: Fergus Robertson, Shayor Ghosh and Ethan Rees-Smith

Sixth Form Mentors for Year 7
Charlie Bracegirdle, Yusuf Doha, Ashni Tailor and Alexander Walker

Form representatives
Year 7: Thanujen Niranchan and Oscar Badman
Year 8: Omar Doha and Jake Downton
Year 9: Aws Khafagi and Ed Saia
Year 10: Nathan Booker and Thomas Askey
Year 11: Ethan Roche and Ben Munton

Staff:  Shepherd,  Sebrell,  Knight,  Woodhouse,  Orr,  Thompson,  Bristow,  Hamill,  Flower,  Trueman,  Agius,  McIntosh,  Day,  Dale,  Prime,  Hearn,  Sinden,  Dobby,  Ashton,  Nicolson,  Beazley,  Kamperis,  Ambrose,  Elliott and  Unnikrishnan


Captains: Fraser Barnes, Ed Watson and Harvey Hall

Sixth Form Mentors for Year 7
Ishaan Bijjala, Daniel Nakisa, Sargam Sharma and Robert Treloar

Form representatives
Year 7: Wolf Williams and Sam Pearson
Year 8: Prajesh Adapa and George Beddoe
Year 9: and
Year 10: Dan Osler and Cheran Kalamohan
Year 11: Padraig Hill and Jamie Robertson

Staff:  Whitby,  Wallington-Smith,  Nieboer,  Watson,  Paterson,  Hill,  Cornelius,  Kennedy,  Halpin,  Ince,  Nicholls,  McKay,  Davies,  Burnett,  Hill,  Lowry,  Sutcliffe,  Graham,  Binnion,  Millar,  Casey,  Slingsby,  Anning and  Tansley