A Treasure in Performance

11-13th July 2019: The final term saw the Summer Play burst forth on to the Challoner’s stage, with this year's play being...

Little Drops Make the Mighty Ocean

12th July 2019

House Competition Reaches a Climax at Sports Day

10th July 2019

A Showcase of Musical Talent

9th July 2019

Smashing Accelerators at CERN

4th - 7th July 2019

Inspiration from Islington

4th July 2019

Islam and the Al-Khoei Foundation

4th July 2019

The Final Act in this Year’s Culture Club

3rd July 2019

Arte et Labore

2nd July 2019

Sessions on Leadership and Higher Education

26th June 2019

A Celebration of History at Chalke Valley

26th June 2019

A Starter for the Sixth Form

20th - 21st June 2019