Applying to join Sixth Form for 2019 entry

Thank you to all students who have expressed an interest in joining our Sixth Form this coming year. We only have a very small number of additional places available and will contact students about these today (Friday).

First class GCSE results

22nd August 2019

Excellent A level results!

15th August 2019

Going Green... and Pink!

Summer 2019

A Treasure in Performance

11-13th July 2019

Little Drops Make the Mighty Ocean

12th July 2019

House Competition Reaches a Climax at Sports Day

10th July 2019

A Showcase of Musical Talent

9th July 2019

Smashing Accelerators at CERN

4th - 7th July 2019

Inspiration from Islington

4th July 2019

Islam and the Al-Khoei Foundation

4th July 2019

The Final Act in this Year’s Culture Club

3rd July 2019

Arte et Labore

2nd July 2019