Year 13 Geography Study Day

11th December 2018

Share the Spirit of Radio Christmas

7th December 2018: To commence Challoner’s annual Radio Christmas Charity Day, students and teachers paraded into school...

Multilingual Festivities

7th December 2018

Challoner's Christmas Fair

1st December 2018

Peer-Led Drug Talk Blew Me Away

30th November 2018

Debating in Another Language

30th November 2018

Sounds of the Southbank

30th November 2018

Author Delivers Words of Wisdom to Year 8

30th November 2018

The Adventures of Don Quixote

26th November 2018

Punk Rock

21st - 23rd November 2018

Fierce Competition in House Rugby

30th November 2018

Men with a Mission

19th - 23rd November 2018