Senior DCGS Students Take on the Maths Challenge

December 2017: Every year the UK Mathematics Trust puts on the Senior Maths Challenge, an hour and a half long paper...

Cinderella: A Fairy Tale Reimagined

14th December 2017

Snow, Carols and Christmas Spirit at St Mary's

13th December 2017

Raucous Comedy in the Senior Play

7th - 12th December 2017

Challoner's Baccalaureate Prompts Fundraising Effort

Autumn 2017

Understanding Drugs Through Peer-Led Sessions

8th December 2017

Meticulous Maths

22nd November - 7th December 2017

The Great Debate 2018

7th December 2017

Exploring Biology at Science Live

7th December 2017

League Leaders Implode: Sixth Form Debating Week 8

4th - 7th December

Exploring Islam at the Al-Khoei Foundation

5th December 2017

A Challoner's Christmas

2nd December