Life so far at DCGS has been amazing. If you take the fun (yet still educational) lessons and add them with the funny teachers and the friendly students, then you will get the phenomenal school of Dr Challoner’s.


There is never a dull moment at Challoner’s, even if you’re writing an essay! Whilst initially the site may be big and hard to find your way around, after the first few days you’ll be knowing it like the back of your hand (unless you’re naughty and write French test answers there!) In my opinion teachers are what brighten the day in-between breaks lunch and home time. They are highly qualified, very clever, funny and helpful people that plan your lessons and work very hard to give you the school life that you deserve and will have. The lessons at Challoner’s are not just educational, sitting down and copying: they are lessons that get you involved, require you to answer questions, and are just all around excellent lessons. I used to get out of bed in the morning dreading the thought of school in Year 6, all of the copying and them making you feel like a baby but now it has all changed, now I wake up and think, 'Yay, school!' because in the lessons they treat you like an adult and challenge you.

Working with clay in an Art lesson - Sean Carroll, Year 7

Another amazing thing about Challoner’s are the students. Every one here is always ready to talk to you about any problems and they are always ready to catch you when you fall. The older students help you find your way around when you're lost and they will help you whenever you are struggling with anything. But apart from the older students, there are still another 180 children the same age as you so don’t be shy: go out and make as many friends as you can or try and find a group of people that you would be happy to hang out with. I've made lots of friends that I’m sure will stay by my side for many years to come. Once a week you will get to spend time with your Sixth Form mentors and they will do fun quizzes and activities with you and at the end maybe give a prize for the winning quiz masters!

Challoner’s also has many opportunities and extra curricular activities. There are so many clubs to attend at different times, some at lunch and some after school. The clubs I go to are football at lunch, hockey after school and drama club also at lunch. Other clubs include science clubs, climbing club, basketball club, cross-country, choir and music clubs such as jazz band. There are so many sports teams that you can be in. I am in football and hockey (both as a goalkeeper) and there are so many other teams for most of the sports. If you don’t quite get into the A-team then don’t worry because there is always a B-team and for football there is an A-team, B-team, C-team and sometimes a D-team.

Sam Turner-O'Toole, Year 7