The news on the front of this website, as well as a lot of other content, is reported by the students themselves. The Student Journalist Team (SJT) consists of over 50 boys from all years, who exemplify the Challoner's motivation and pro-activeness that leads us to so much success.

As well as writing articles and taking photos (much of which is stunning: see the photo gallery below), student editors are also responsible for editing and typesetting the articles in preparation for publication. Further to this, the SJT are increasingly moving into other media: you may have listened to our recordings of the music assemblies, and with the launch of school's TV studio, watch out in the near future for DCGS News broadcasts.

Ad Astra

The school annual for over a decade, Ad Astra has been an increasingly student-led affair: their own celebration of their time at Challoner's. As well as rounding up the major events of the year, Ad Astra is also at times humorous, at times reflective, and makes sure to remember individual students for their accomplishments, as well as looking at the school as a whole.

Ad Astra 2004-05

Photo gallery

The budding photographers amongst our students take their art very seriously, and don't lower their standards even for 'just' a news story. Here are some of our favourite pieces from articles.