School Officials

Our Sixth Form students play a key part in the smooth running of the school. Each year a team of around 70 prefects helps to monitor and manage younger students around the site at breaktime and lunchtime, maintaining a safe and friendly environment. A group of mentors works closely with the youngest students, helping them adapt to life at secondary school and encouraging them to make the most of the opportunities that exist. A competitive selection process is used to identify a group of students to act as Senior Prefects and House Captains, and the whole structure is led by a School Captain who, with two deputies, acts as the public face of the student body.

The current school officials are:

School Captain: Michael Burton

Deputies: Patrick Merchant and Ben Smith

School Officials:

  • Will Austin
  • Ed Chaplin
  • Ben Shepherd
  • Dominic Storey
  • Finn Mason
  • Issa Doha
  • James Gould
  • Jamie Franks
  • Matt Hall
  • Ross Perrera
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Student Senior Leadership Team

The Student Senior Leadership Team (SSLT) co-ordinates all student involvement in the life of the school and meets with the Headmaster fortnightly. The SSLT is made up of the School Captain and his Deputies along with representatives of the other main student groups including the Lower School Forum (Years 7 & 8) and the Sixth Form Executive.