The school was last inspected by OFSTED on 12th November 2007. The report is available for download as a pdf file. The report graded the school as "Outstanding" in every category. Some of the highlights of the Report were:

  • Dr Challoner's provides an outstanding quality of education and care.
  • Standards are exceptionally high in all key stages and are improving over time.
  • Students show high levels of confidence and maturity.
  • Students have a genuine zest for learning.
  • Students display excellent attitudes in all aspects of school life.
  • Leadership and management are outstanding at all levels.
  • The school has no significant weaknesses and has an excellent capacity to improve even further.
  • Governors know the school well and provide an effective balance of support and challenge.
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OFSTED completed an Interim Assessment of the school in 2011 and concluded that performance had been sustained since the 2007 inspection.

Exceptional Schools Award

In order to ensure that the school continues to improve, OFSTED-trained inspectors were invited to undertake a review in 2012 which resulted in the school being granted the 'Exceptional Schools Award' - only the fourth 'outstanding' school in the country to be so recognised. Some of the comments made about the school by the assessors were as follows:

  • The school is highly ambitious and forward looking and puts the attainment and well-being of students at the heart of all it does.
  • The school aspires beyond national excellence to be a world class school.
  • It is held in high regard by all its stakeholders and the students themselves are its best ambassadors
  • The quality of teaching and learning and the way that students are enabled to become self-evaluating, independent learners is outstanding
  • The boys are avid and engaged learners who are ambitious for the future but show care and consideration for others.
  • There is a spirit of co-operation and harmony with warm trusting relationships between staff and students. the students seek to exceed their own best performance rather than competing with each other.