Year 7 at Challoner’s is fantastic. The lessons are fun yet still educational and the teachers are brilliant. They don’t revolve around copying words off boards or working all of the time out of a book. Instead, lessons often use computers or involve doing a practical in some part of the lesson. I particularly enjoy getting out the Bunsen burners in Science! I wake up looking forward to going to school because the teachers treat you more independently and they challenge you with more intriguing questions than in my previous school.

You might worry about settling in to a bigger school, but as there are 180 people in your year who are all looking to make new friends, I suggest that you talk to everybody - don’t be shy as everybody else is feeling that same as you. Also, the older students are helpful and will help you if you are lost or don’t know how to do something.

In form time in Year 7 we are also visited by Sixth Form mentors each week. The mentors arrange quizzes and games, with prizes for the teams that do well in them. Especially at the beginning of the year, this is a fantastic way to make friends and get to know your class a lot better.

Throughout the year there are a number of extracurricular activities and school trips to enjoy. For people who like sport there's football, rugby, hockey, cricket, tennis, swimming and much more, and for students with different interests there's Model United Nations, Robotics Club, Science Club, Tabletop Club and a huge variety of other clubs to join. In the sports there are A and B teams, and often C and D teams - everybody of all skill levels can participate.

The most incredible school trip was the visit to the United Kingdom Sailing Academy on the Isle of Wight, where we took part in amazing activities such as keel boating, pontoon jumping and kayaking. It was a great way to make friends at the start of the year.

Overall, Year 7 is a monumental year that provides many opportunities. If you are about to join us in Year 7, then welcome!