On September 8th 2022, the remarkable and record-breaking reign of Queen Elizabeth II came to an end as Buckingham Palace announced the death of the late monarch. The impact of this news set off an instantaneous chain of events - these included a change in titles of many members of the Royal Family, a lyrical adjustment to the British national anthem as well as the intense planning of her funeral. There are incredibly few people who remember life under a monarch other than Queen Elizabeth II, and the news sent ripples across the globe as countries around the world came together, to remember Her Majesty.

Although her reign as Queen of the United Kingdom may have been criticised over its 70 year span, due to her colonial links in the past and incredible privilege held by her family, it is undeniable that she was a strong and determined wife, mother and monarch. Thrust into the role of Queen at the young age of 25, she remained the consistent pillar of British history, politics and culture in our constantly changing world. Throughout her lifetime, she celebrated and experienced many significant milestones in the history of the world. She was the first monarch who celebrated their Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum Jubilees and hence will be remembered as the longest reigning British monarch. She was served by 15 different prime ministers, governed over seven independent Commonwealth countries and was involved in several political changes such as the Troubles in Ireland, the decolonisation of Africa and Brexit.

Even today, the impact of her rule can be seen through the five mile long queues that kept many waiting for up to 15 hours, to see the Queen lying in state. Outpourings of sympathy from many other countries were in abundance, with Joe Biden stating that “the world’s better for her”. Celebrities such as David Beckham, Tilda Swinton and Sharon Osbourne queued for several hours to pay their respects and console those grieving in the queue.

As this era comes to an end, the memories of Queen Elizabeth II’s long lasting reign shall undoubtedly be cemented into the minds of the British public for decades to come, and the start of King Charles’ III rule welcomed as the beginning of a new stage in history.