On Monday the 7th of June, Year 9 had its first activity day. It was a much more relaxed day but it was fun and interesting nonetheless. We started off the day with an important talk about sexual relationships. Although it was potentially an uncomfortable topic, the teacher kept it light and comedic. After that, we had an interesting and thought-provoking talk about cannabis. Following our break, we had my personal favourite, yoga. We went through multiple poses and stretches in our 1 hour session and it was very helpful to calm down and relax. We then went to have a talk about consent before ending the day off with street dance.

On day two of the Year 9 Activities, we went to Longridge Activity Centre in Marlow. We were split up into different groups where we went off to try different activities and 4 team challenges. My group did dragon boat racing, climbing, raft building and team games.

The trip was a really good experience and it felt surreal having a school trip for the first time in a year and after a week of exams. The activities also helped us to improve our teamwork and working with other people. It also made us do things we have never done before. I don’t like heights and I would never have done climbing but I really enjoyed it. A big thank you to the staff who organised the trip and to the staff at Longridge who made the experience a really good one.

Overall it was an enjoyable experience and I am grateful as I have learnt many life lessons which will be crucial to my future and thank you to all the staff for teaching us.