For the Year 10s, the activities week was a very much needed holiday. The trip had cost us two lockdowns and cancelled enrichment week, but we finally had our break. It began with a day at Longridge activity centre. There were a wide range of activities of which we all did a selection of - depending on our groups. My group began with rock climbing, this was a good starting point to get adrenaline flowing through our veins. Then, we moved on to do dragon boating, in which the group I was in raced another, resulting in them being completely blown away by our speed. Finally, we finished up with some team building activities, which we breezed through.

Following this, came a day of exercise and - though many would say torture - fun. All of Year 10 had to do the activities that the UK military school threw at us. This included push ups, sit ups, burpees and many more. Along with this, there were - once again - team building exercises, however, these were more challenging and required some planning and forethought. We powered through this thinking that we would have a day full of painstaking exercises, but little did we know: we were wrong. One of the activities was an inflatable obstacle course, even though it resulted in many friction burns, it was still my (and I think most of Year 10’s) favorite part of the day.

After these two days and an inset day, Thursday and Friday were both left for Talk the Talk. This was a course in which we learnt about how to act in interviews - not only how to speak, but also how to use body language. We also did a variety of activities to further develop our speaking skills. This included a few presentations in which we had to pitch ideas to the rest of our classes.

Overall, activities week was both enjoyable and educational. Thanks to the teachers who made this amazing experience possible.