Year 11 were living the dream a few weekends ago when they embarked on their qualifying expedition for their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award. Panoramic views, chilling with friends in the centre of the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, and feeding a few confused yet very hungry donkeys - what more could you possibly want?

After receiving a map, emergency number and a few instructions from the kind members of Ocean Rock Adventure, we set off, anxious yet determined, ready to face another difficult but rewarding climb to improve upon our Practice Expedition a few months before.

Drained but still full of excitement, we finally arrived at the campsite after several hours of walking through forests, farms and very steep hills, quickly pitching up our tents and heating and eating some boil-in-the-bag food. A few hours later, we entered our tents to get some well-deserved rest to gear us up for day two.

After amusing ourselves with an intense game of Uno, we set off on our second day of walking. Although it was somewhat shorter than the first, it was still quite difficult but, fortunately, nobody got lost and we all persevered to the very end.

It was not an easy weekend by any stretch of the imagination, with some students unable to attend due to increasing COVID-19 cases in our year group. Although it was draining at times and some teams were a few men down, we strived on, soldiering onwards together. A huge thank you to the amazing staff at Ocean Rock Adventure, Mr Sharp and everyone else who made this incredible experience possible.