Starting at a new school can be a daunting experience for students... but also for their parents! And so the annual Year 7 Parents Social organised by the friends aims to make the transition somewhat easier, giving these parents an opportunity to meet and mingle with the parents of their son's new peers.

This year may well have been the best attended social on record, with 237 parents joining the merriment. In a bustling hall, parents and Year 7 staff enjoyed an evening of games, great food, and of course Mr Graham's ever-popular Year 7 Questionnaire. It was also an opportunity to highlight some important information to the group, including details of the upcoming Christmas Fair and some final reminders for next week's UKSA visit (name everything!)

The thoroughly enjoyable evening was made possible by the Friends of DCGS - we would like to heartily thank them for all their work, for this event and throughout the year.

The Friends of DCGS