This year's Open Evening saw us once again throw wide our doors, showing everything on offer to prospective Challoner's students.

Upon entering the school, the Jazz Band could be heard performing groovy tunes and had you continued towards the English classrooms, you would have seen students presenting some of the books that we have studied, also giving visitors the chance to create a short poem based on the flavour of a sweet of their choice.

As every year, the Science Team were a highlight with dissections of rats in Biology, setting things on fire in Chemistry, and using Jelly Babies to illustrate waves in Physics.

The Cookery Team had Year 8 showing off the delicious skills they had developed and the History teachers had donned their period costumes, parading around their department.

Visitors were overwhelmingly engaged with what Challoner’s had to offer, and overall were given an extremely positive impression of our community and life here at Challoner’s.