A good turnout

'Ah, they grow up so fast!'

Surely the thought on the mind of some of our longest-standing Year 7 tutors, whose first forms are now in Sixth Form or have left for university, as they looked out across the newest set of parents at our annual Year 7 Parents' Social this evening. Although some are familiar faces, a number with a whole clan of Challoner's boys at various stages through the school, the night was also an opportunity to welcome those who have this year joined our community.

A night of conversation, fine dining (courtesy of AiP, who provide all the school's catering) and quizzes, the format of the evening has remained similar over the years, but never fails to entertain. Mrs Black was particularly impressive in one of the games this year, remaining standing long after all the other teachers had been knocked out. The highlight of the night, as always, was Mr Graham's 'Year 7 questionnaire', given to all the boys in Year 7 in the week before. We learned that The Simpsons remains their favourite TV show but that the Cherub series of books is no longer in the number one position, as well as more useful information, such as that one student annoys his family by attempting to hoover the garden, while another believes that Justin Bieber would be best qualified to teach him Mathematics.

The evening was a fine way to begin the year, both specifically for the new Year 7 parents, and more generally as the first of many undoubtedly excellent Friends events to come.