On Enrichment Day, as part of the Challoner’s Baccalaureate, the whole of Year 12 were released onto the streets of London to take part in the London Challenge. Points were scored for completing specific challenges around London, such as taking photos standing next to certain buildings, such as universities and embassies. The tasks were listed in handouts, some given out a week in advance to allow groups some planning time. Some of the challenges were presented as a straight-up treasure hunt, while more involved a riddle-based puzzle that toured groups all around the City of London from Monument to a mystery pub. Other locations to visit were highlighted on the day, so that the groups would have to think on their feet and change their planned routes if they wanted those bonus points. Armed with the list of challenges and the opportunity to win points for their divs, the race was on and a cash prize was up for grabs.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/embed/_nMkZXaWNFc

First on the list of locations were the Wren churches; find as many as you can, take a picture of your group outside, and realise that you’re a selfie stick and an ‘I love London’ t-shirt away from getting mistaken for a tourist. Boris and his bikes came to the rescue and got us from church to church, whilst varying levels of cycling competency meant that we made our way around London’s roads with the occasional scream and one or two close encounters with London buses. With five churches crossed off, not to mention the attractive selfies to go with them, the task was complete and we were off to do the rest of the challenges.

The following tasks were completed with a similar sense of fun and determination, with a variety of challenges being chosen by the different groups; some made their way around museums, others searched for platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross, whilst one group even managed to get detained in the Russian embassy - it’s fair to say that everyone had a good time. Harriet Powell said that ‘It was a really great experience, well organised and really fun,’ whilst Chris Newton described the day as ‘a good opportunity to explore the culture and the history of London.’ Sam Fernandez commented ‘I never thought it would be that hilarious yet educational to scatter round London completing the different sections,’ and Charlotte Musa added, ‘It was definitely memorable and it was fun to see different parts of London that I hadn’t seen before.’ It’s clear that both the boys and the girls had a brilliant time and the fact that the day was so successful is a credit to the hard work put in by the teachers who organised the event.

With all of the groups having done as many sections as they could, the pictures and answers will reveal which winning div gets the glory and money, and which losing div gets the consolation of a wooden spoon.