Aspiring engineers Mayank Sharma, Ellie Booker and Ciera Caffrey (all from Year 12) have recently been awarded the prestigious Arkwright Scholarship, sponsored by Ofcom. The Arkwright Scholarship is a company which awards scholarships to Sixth Form students who have a passion for engineering. Choosing only 400 select students nationally each year, the Arkwright Scholarship uses a challenging and extensive application process to pick the very best young engineering minds in the country. Bearing this in mind, it is extremely impressive that three current DCGS students have won the scholarship..!

Arkwright Scholarship Trust

The first step in the process consists of a written application, where the student tells Arkwright about themselves and what interests them about engineering, as well as some information about academic grades and achievements. Following this, the potential awardees took a two hour aptitude test, examining how well they could find solutions to engineering-related problems. Finally, if the exam score and application were impressive enough, the student is called in for an individual interview with the company. For example, Mayank’s interview took place at Imperial College London and lasted for 20 intense minutes. The company asked about past projects he’d completed, and about which areas of engineering interested him most.

It wasn't long before Ellie, Mayank and Ciera received the news that their applications had been successful and they were each one of the top 400 students in the country to get a scholarship of £1000 over the period of two years! This money, and the mentorship which they will each receive from Ofcom, will be incredibly useful in the next few years as they look to further their knowledge of engineering. The school will also receive a part of the award money, helping us to organising activities to motivate more students to learn about engineering.

Congratulations to Mayank, Ciera and Ellie for this incredible achievement!