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Earlier this week, Challoner's hosted its annual open evenings, an opportunity for younger students and their parents to have a look at the school and experience what life at DCGS is like. Sixth Form students, aided by a number of helpers from lower years, guided them around the school, showing them the fantastic work that has been produced over the past year.

As usual, the science labs were immensely popular as crowds gathered to watch Mr Baldwin's famous rocket fuel experiment, while another popular experiment was Mr Hopkin's changing of bronze into gold. In the Studio, Year 11 Drama students engaged their young guests in some close quarters theatrics, and Jazz Band did the same in Music, while in Art the crowds were confronted with a striking set of displays - most prominently Jamie Black's modern man constructed from a wondrous array of found household objects. Over in the Learning Level, the Maths Team were challenging all who dared cross their threshold - with a tricky quiz, a Jenga overhang competition, or just the huge library of textbooks that promised to stretch the young minds over the next seven years. Sport were out in force, dressed up in their cricket whites, and the History Team were dressed up in period costumes (as they are every teaching day, of course...). The prospective students even had the chance to see our newly launched TV Studio and try out a spot in front of the camera.

A huge amount of work went into the open evenings and they could not have happened without the help of the staff, student guides and other helpers, so a massive thank you goes out to them for making the evenings possible.