We like to hit the ground running each year, and Enrichment Day, with a host of interesting and motivational activities, is a great way to start. Here's what we've been up to this time.

Year 8: 'Talk the Talk' workshops

Year 8 had a very enjoyable day, we learned to have more confidence and make good public speeches. We were given a workbook and slowly went through it: our teacher gave us very good advice on how to make a great and inspiring speech. We did this by starting with a rhetorical question then added evidence to build up to a good argument. We then put this into practice at the end of the day, where we wrote and gave our speeches to the rest of the group.

Year 9: Wize UP

Doing a little dance - Dan New, Year 13

The Wize UP day consisted of street dance, a drugs and alcohol talk, a sex and relationships talk, and stress management exercises. In the street dance session, everybody learnt a basic routine with three variations coming with the routine. We then split into small groups incorporating the routine, but adding our own twists. In the drugs and alcohol session we were told about different drugs and how the reactions are very different. We were also given goggles to simulate what drunk people see when they're extremely drunk. It was very entertaining for everyone to see the way the person wearing the goggles walked! In the sex and relationships talk we were told about the ups and downs of being in a relationship, and also discuss the laws around sexual relationships.

We wound down from this intense day with some stress management exercises. This day was extremely fun and informative - we were very pleased to have had it.

Year 10: Science of the rides at Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park is one of the biggest theme parks in the UK, attracting millions of happy customers each year. With big-name rides such as Saw and Stealth it was an exciting visit for the first Enrichment Day of the year, to explore the practical side of science and see some physics, chemistry and biology in action. The day of rides was preceded by a talk from one of the staff about the science: the car is held through the loops by 'centripetal force', The Swarm is the first winged roller coaster and G force is the pressure that the rides can exert on your body.

Technical model - George Corby, Year 10

The speech definitely gave us pause for thought as we fell through the air at almost 50mph.

The talk was extremely informative giving us information that can be carried through into different areas of science and even different life situations. Apparently it was an hour long, but it was so packed with science and so interesting that it seemed too short. And then when we were unleashed upon the rides at the park, the day was more or less complete.

Year 11: Morrisby and more

Our day opened with an active team building game of volleyball. When we were thoroughly warmed up, we moved on to an engaging talk from Mr Anning, advising us on some of the crucial decisions we have in our future. We also discussed some different qualifications, to help us gain an idea of the future career paths we might take. Following this, we were given time to research and plan for our later life. In the afternoon we began with a Morrisby test, which is a test based on aptitude, numerical strength and abstract shapes. Using the results from the test, and a personal questionnaire, we were given a list of recommended careers.

The conclusion of the Year 11 Enrichment Day was a presentation given by Mrs Atkinson, about the upcoming work experience that will not only test and develop our work ethic and character, but will also provide valuable input for the UCAS application. This is greatly needed to increase chances of university acceptance. The finale of the day was a riveting speech on revision by Mr Morgan. The talk was filled with humour and also vital information required for revision not only at GCSE, but also any exam in the future.

Year 12: London Challenge

This Enrichment Day, Year 12 were challenged to collect photos of different parts of central London. We were given three task sheets to complete, and the tasked ranged from taking a photos of embassies from countries on each continent, to snapping some of the many Christopher Wren churches in the city, to solving a number of taxing riddles.

It was a great opportunity for us to start bonding within our new tutor groups, especially with the students that are new to the school. Additionally, the challenge is also included as a small initial milestone along the path of the Challoner's Baccaleaureate, to help us get in the mood for the work ahead.

Year 13: Car maintenance and safety

The first half of our Enrichment Day was spent in two lectures, on the accident levels in the school leaver demographic and useful tips on how to stay safe on the road. The second presentation, delivered by a fireman, contained a lot of horror stories about car crashes, and put us in a good mind to pay careful attention to the lessons we were being given.

The second half of the day was more physical. We rotated round a number of cars parked behind the sports hall, learning something new at each one. The first station taught us how to avoid being scammed at car dealerships, a useful piece of knowledge that everyone should have, and also how to check oil levels, window seals, and the state of the engine. At the second car, we were given a hands-on demonstration on how to change tyres, check the treads, and how fast and far to go on the spare tyre in your car.

Finally, we ended the half-day in a classroom, where we were tasked to find out how much we would have to pay to ensure an imaginary car, as well as pay the road tax, tyres, maintenance and more. Only one group got anywhere close.

Overall, an informative and interesting enrichment day.