This Saturday saw the annual Parents of Year 7 social evening, hosted by the Friends of DCGS. An opportunity for parents of boys new to the school to get to know one another - and the Year 7 form tutors - in a more informal setting, the evening had its usual mix of games and puzzles to break the ice. Mr Graham's round up of the Year 7 questionnaire was as popular as ever, with Mr Keen claiming the 'scariest teacher' crown this year, and excuses for not doing homework including 'This way it will create a trap for burglars trying to enter my room'.

The buffet dinner was provided by Noreen Howells and the staff of Alliance in Partnership (AiP), the school's caterers. The food they provide our students is healthy and enjoyable, and this evening was an opportunity to assure the new parents on that front. The proof was in the main course as well as the pudding!

Anne Kelliher, Chair of the Friends, described the social evening as one of the best events of the Friends calendar: it is a great opportunity to get the parents talking, and helps set the tone for the wealth of interesting Friends-organised events to come throughout the year.