Students from Years 10 and 11 gathered on Thursday evening to give Challoner’s a strong start in the Vocab Express biannual competition: the League of Champions, involving schools all across the country. Vocab Express is an online vocabulary learning tool that the school provides to GCSE language students. A student able to translate a word from English to French and back earns themselves 15 points, and a school is scored by how many points all its students accumulate across the duration of the competition.

The bar had been raised high as we needed at least 40,000 points to reach the top 20 and thus earn Challoner’s a space on the overall leaderboard. Over the course of the hours we had that evening, during which we worked hard and ate pizza with similar enthusiasm, we earned a score of 52,000 points, climbing to an excellent 8th position.

Our top scorers were Amri Shakir and Thomas Franks, between them scoring over 20,000 points and individually grabbing 13th and 14th positions in the world.