The Challoner’s sailing club spent a week at UKSA in the summer break with a mix of complete beginners through to very experienced sailors for what is now a much anticipated visit.

The students had the opportunity to go dinghy sailing and keel boating and some took their sailing certificates which helps continue the great tradition started by the lead staff member, Mr Shinner, who first established the DCGS UKSA link when he was a student here. There is always a competition where each dormitory accrues points for behaviour such as cleaning rooms or showing staff VIP treatment (clever way of ensuring a good time is had by all!)and this year it was won by a huge margin so congratulations to those students who made such a great effort to participate.

The new year 7 cohort are now spending 3 days on a residential visit to UKSA to encourage them to bond with their forms and develop strong team building skills as well as learn some new sailing skills. The Day Skipper theory course starts on 10th October running over 40 hours and details of the Easter and July 2012 trips will be advertised in brochures later in October so yet again the sailing club has a packed year ahead!