In the year that many of our Year 13 students apprehensively venture onto the roads with either their provisional or their full driving licence, an Enrichment Day activity that included safe driving tips and car maintenance was perfectly timed.

Miss Ashton, Mr Powell and Mr Richards set the scene with some of their recollections and personal experiences of driving. The students went on to try their hand at changing wheels, checking tyre pressures and oil and water levels, courtesy of a team of mechanics from Citigate Garage. Invaluable advice on how to avoid the potential pitfalls of the used car market was also given.

Our young drivers then spent some time speaking to a local Fire Chief Officer who had many years experience of dealing with some of the more gruesome accidents on our roads. It is a sad fact that young male drivers are much more likely to be involved in an accident and this was addressed sensitively, provoking much thought and debate amongst the students. Many thanks to our visitors for making this an informative and useful event, and we wish our students a safe onward journey!