This year’s House Competition got off to a fantastic start with energetic participation in the cross country. Just over six hundred students took part, with Pearson being the most dominant house overall. There were particularly impressive wins for Michael Ferguson (Y7), Joe Cochrane (Y8), Dan Petropoulos (Y9) and Anthony Lenihan (Y10/11) who pipped Jamie Bristow to the line in the last fifty metres.

Although the debate continues as to whether teachers and House Captains were running to win or just for ‘pride’, their support was greatly appreciated by all! Hopefully such positive enthusiasm can continue all the way to sports day when Holman’s undefeated run of three years may finally be tested.

The next sporting events on the calendar see Years 7 and 8 take part in the Orienteering Challenge and Years 7 to 10 battle it out at Badminton.