Waiting in anticipation, year 8 were ready to go to RAF Hendon and to learn more about the World Wars and the people who helped the country win. When we got there, we were split into different groups. Some went to different hangars and we heard a talk about important people who played decisive roles in the war: people who helped the country develop into what it is today.

We heard about servicemen including the saddening story of Robbie who sustained injuries resulting in an honorary discharge from the RAF. We heard about lots of other people who helped our country too, and had the opportunity to see planes that flew in the World Wars.

There were lots of planes, alongside motorcycles and cars! All were vehicles that have been in service for the protection of the nation during the World Wars including fighter, transportation and military planes.

We got to know everything about planes and everything about the people who were instrumental in protecting our fundamental freedoms that would otherwise have been consigned solely to history.

Overall it was a nice place to learn so much about (and bring to life!) our past and those who gave up so much for our future during the crucial elements of history that were the World Wars.