As the world continues to change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people seem to neglect issues outside of what is happening to people’s daily life. One such issue is how the environment is changing.

The world continues to evolve rapidly, but this also means that the rise in human activities are affecting the environment in a big way. A current and very important example of this is HS2: the plan for a new high-speed railway system for the UK. This project threatens to tear up colossal amounts of land, stopping nature’s recovery from human development right in its tracks. This will destroy a lot of the UK’s precious habitats, even affecting our own River Chess.

But while most people may have their interests elsewhere currently, Sir David Attenborough and Prince William have come up with a plan to help the environment: The Earthshot Prize. These prizes will be distributed to whomever comes up with a way to help the planet’s environment and ecosystem. Attenborough warns that the planet could be beyond repair within the century. To combat this, he and Prince William hope these prizes could bring about a way to help fix our planet by 2030. "Suddenly we actually see the writing is on the wall," said Sir Davild, hoping to instigate action from global influencers, and giving birth to hope for the future of our environment.