The first half term of each academic year sees us hosting our annual Junior Prizegiving, a celebration and (as the name suggests) prizegiving for students for academic excellence, outstanding commitment and other contributions to our community throughout the last year. This year we had Tom Tryon, a former Challoner’s student, present awards and end the event with a speech.

After a short welcome by the headmaster, the prizegiving began with the Year 7 awards. Intermittently, students gave talks about some of their experiences in Challoner’s throughout the last year. Just some of many highlights were the performances of a scene from last year’s annual play, Macbeth Rebooted, and the composition One Summer’s Day performed on the piano.

Prize Winners and Contributors

When Tom gave his speech about his own life at Challoner’s, I found it very inspirational. He explained how he was always uncertain of the future and where it might lead; he gave the audience a life lesson, telling everyone that they should pursue what they want.

Congratulations to everyone who won a prize at the ceremony! On behalf of everyone attending the event, I would like to thank all of the members of the school community and staff who helped in organising the event, along with the speakers and guests in the ceremony.