Year 12 Geographers recently travelled to the East End of London for their first experience of field work for their A Level course.

The trip was packed with activities, heading all through London visiting Whitechapel, Shoreditch and the City of London among other locations. The purpose of the trip was to examine the visual differences between the London wards and boroughs we were passing through as well as the financial, economic and social factors that we observed. The aim was to contrast these areas with Amersham or the Chilterns (depending on whether you were looking at specific wards or local authority districts).

There were significant contrasts between the different locations we visited; we went from areas with large populations of ethnic minorities to areas that were very wealthy. Some streets were full of local shops and some full of tall victorian buildings. The entire time we were dwarfed by skyscrapers or aged industrial buildings that demonstrated demographic and functional change in the eyes of us geographers. We learnt how subtle details could show drastic changes in these places.

The trip highlighted how deprivation and wealth could vary so much by just walking round the corner: gentrification was the main word we needed to learn, and learn it we did.