Enjoying the quiz

170 parents, eager to start the Friends’ Quiz Night, filled the hall last Friday evening. Fueled by a passion for quizzing (and the drinks), everyone was in for an evening of fun and furious competition.

There were jokes, intensely intricate questions and even a spontaneous sing-a-long to bands ranging from the 1960s to the 1980s including The Monkees and The Cure. Themed question rounds with tenuous links between the answers drew on obscure facts from history, geography and music. There was a round where all the answers were names of comedians and another where they were all trees. The evening culminated with an all-or-nothing round where you could gamble on getting all the answers right for 10 bonus points, but lost all your score if you got one wrong. Many teams' gambles didn't go to plan and hence lost all their points!

Parents struggled on questions that most students would have found easy. One table had an awful time trying to work out how old Adrian Mole was in his diary. Was he 9¾? Or was that from Harry Potter? Was he 12½? Not sure!

Well done to Table 7 who won the quiz night and commiserations to the teachers who didn’t do so well. A huge thank you to The Friends of DCGS who organised the event to raise funds for our school, as well as to the caterers and quiz masters.

And just in case you were wondering, Adrian Mole was 13¾.