With the table shaping up the previous week, this week was a critical opportunity for teams to gain some momentum as the season really got going. The motion debated was, 'This house believes Catalonia has the right to independence'.

Monday's first debate was comprised of four teams who were yet to find form this season, Oliver Hardman and Jeyoung Ryou, Sam 'Slane' Lane and Aran Mohan, Tom Fleetwood-Law and Zahra Rehemtulla and finally Gianluca Abbate and Harry Franks. The real story of this debate was School Captain Oliver Hardman's antics. Having made his speech for the proposition, Oliver then went over and spoke for the opposition on behalf of Sam (who was absent). Oliver spoke well in both speeches, as did his partner Jeyoung. In the latter part of the debate, a passionate Gianluca Abbate speech (the 'Abbate Special'), impressed the judge whilst Tom Fleetwood-Law had the disadvantage of being without his partner for this week. It was decided that Oliver and Jeyoung won, with Gianluca and Harry being placed in a respectable second place, and Tom's pair and Aran's pair being placed third and fourth respectively.

The second Monday debate featured many of the top teams in the league: Joe Dwyer and Adam Jenkins, Matt Cooke and James Wroe, Robbie Sleet and Kieran Bozier; whilst Jamie Payne and Max Halton looked to show they belonged with the big boys of the league. This debate turned into a one-dimensional affair early on, as the proposition stressed the importance of self determination but the opposition adamantly claimed that for independence to be a right, there had to be a legal referendum (which there was not). Whilst the debate seemed to be going in Matt and James' favour, a stunning Max Halton speech turned the debate on its head as he outlined what a 'right' really is. From that point, Robbie and Kieron found it hard to add anything to the proposition that hadn't already been said, whilst a lone Adam Jenkins spoke eloquently on the situation in Catalonia, earning him first place, with Matt and James in second, and Max and Jamie third.

Thursday's solitary debate saw leaders Matt Dagnall and Tom Franks facing three teams that have impressed so far this year, Soorya Thavaraj and Dan Cox, Mo Karim and Sam Howells and Ishaq Usama and Osama Rahmathullah. The early stages of the debate were closely contested, with Soorya and Dan bouncing well off the arguments from Mo and Sam. The key issues debated were whether this could spark more independence claims in Europe, whether the referendum with 40% turnout should be considered, and also whether self-determination should be applied in this situation. After solid speeches from all competitors and some fierce points of information, the judge came to a controversial verdict: Ishaq and Osama were put first, to the surprise of everyone including themselves. The judge said he liked their unorthodox style, and whilst their points were good, it was debatable whether they related to the motion.

After another great week of debating, be sure to check back here every week for results and standings.









Tom F and Matt D 73310023
Joe D and Adam J73211021
Matt C and James W73211021
Soorya T and Dan C72230020
Kieran B and Robbie S73202020
Sam H and Mo K73202020
Redford D and Chris H71321018
Ollie H and Jeyoung R72121116
Gianluca A and Harry F81222116
Sam L and Aran M71123014
Max H and Jamie P70213111
Kit H and Barnie B 70132111
Tom F-L7003319