On a clear Friday afternoon, students from the lower school were congratulated for their spectacular efforts throughout the previous year. There were prizes for academic excellence, outstanding commitment as well as sporting and music awards. This got together a very wide variety of people that excelled in different aspects at school.

As the flock of parents came in to see their children they were welcomed by the headmaster and other members of staff. The afternoon kicked off with Year 7 awards, and each successive year after that. Between the presentations, the audience had an insight into life at Challoner's, with speakers from Years 8 to 11 telling us about their experiences. Thanks also for the song performed by Ben Corby (Year 8), and an hilarious extract of King Ubu from some of our actors.

List of prizewinners

As the day progressed and the boys had collected their prizes, we had the honour to listen to Tom Blomfield, a former Challoner's student from the class of '03. He was a young charismatic man who had already achieved many things in his life. He told us how important it is to take risks and how the only way he got where he is (CEO of a successful bank), was through the opportunities that this school provided. It was interesting to hear what had changed and what had stayed the same since he left and it was quite amazing to see how Challoner's has transformed students' lives.

This was a momentous day for everyone watching. Huge thanks to our guest speaker and thank you to all staff involved. Finally, congratulations again to all prize winners.