Recently Year 7 were given the opportunity to travel to the Royal Grammar School for the Big Noise Festival. The day was full on with us immediately kicking off in our various groups, determined by our ability and instrument. The day was a lot of fun, a particular highlight being that many of us we were able to see our old friends from schools we used to go to.


When we arrived we were introduced to the others in our groups and in no time we were playing together. Over the day the different groups learned a number of different pieces. Most were specific to the individual groups, however everyone got to learn one piece to put together at the end as a giant finale.

The day ended with a concert. Each group performed their pieces with the massed ensemble piece coming at the end. We were able to perform to our teachers, parents and a number of headmasters that attended. This finale piece was written specially for the day by the head of the Chiltern Music Academy, Andy Rogers, something exciting for most of us as we had never met a composer before.

I would like to thank the Music Team at Challoner's for organising the trip and Chiltern Music Academy for hosting the day.