Over the last 9 weeks, students in Year 9 have been attending Maths Masterclasses on Saturday mornings at Wycombe High School. The masterclasses included eye opening speeches and fun interactive workshops led by speakers from universities all over England.

The topics covered ranged from the Fibonacci Sequence which was discovered in the 12th century by Leonardo Pisano (who was later given the nickname Fibonacci), to safety features in modern cars in the 21st century. The workshops also included lots of awesome activities, such as crash testing model cars, dropping cannonballs on wood ( in video) , and creating Celtic and African art.

The Royal Institution building in Central London - by Gryffindor, Wikimedia Commons

These maths masterclasses were set up by the Royal Institution. The Royal Institution is an independent charity dedicated to connecting people with the world of science. They are located in Central London and run many events across the year. They were founded in 1799 by Joseph Banks and has been the home of many important discoveries since. A huge thanks to all staff involved at Wycombe High School, and all the lecturers who enriched us on their Saturday mornings.