There was an excellent turnout for the Friends event, with over 200 parents and teachers from all year groups coming together to participate in the annual quiz. The atmosphere was friendly and relaxed (perhaps even a little competitive in some cases), as the teams worked against each other to come out on top. With food and clever questions provided throughout the night, guests were treated to a memorable and enjoyable evening.

The event was a perfect opportunity for parents, new and old, to be immersed in the Challoner’s community, with the night exemplifying the entertaining events organised by the Friends throughout the year. Generosity and participation are key factors behind these events, with neither falling short tonight. The money raised through friends events is fundamental is ensuring the continual progression of the school, with money being contributed to a whole array of notable causes around the site.

A huge thanks to Lisa Thomas, who lead the group in organising this exciting event and is accountable for the success of the night.