Students in Year 8 were given the opportunity to view a thought-provoking play called Chelsea's Choice. The play was about a 15 year old girl who was groomed and sexually exploited, and it aimed to increase our awareness of the risk of sexual exploitation. We were challenged with ideas relevant to our own development, and explored some of the issues we hadn't necessarily fully understand before. We were shocked by some of the things that we heard however we were more shocked by what we found out after the play finished – it was all true.

The play unfolds

Chelsea is a real person, currently living under a different name to protect her identity. She was trafficked around the UK for eight months until she could escape along with others in her situation. This is one of many stories that happen all around the world every day, and we discovered that if we found ourselves in this situation then we could take comfort in the knowledge that if you are under that age of 18 the law protects you against the things pictured in this story.

The play opened our minds and I would like to thank those involved in organising it as it was a great success.