The A Level Art and Graphics students had a day off timetable today as we all travelled up to London on a photographic research field trip. Unaccompanied by teachers, everybody set out in groups of no less than three to snap up London life. Various art and design museums were visited, including the National Gallery, Tate Modern, Saatchi Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum, as well as locations particular to different students' AS and A2 projects.

Personally, I found the Saatchi Gallery the most impressive. Whilst not directly linked to my project theme, its simplicity and wide open, white-walled gallery rooms allowed us to gaze upon the artworks without distraction and draw dozens of ideas from them to apply to our work. Plenty of fun was had by all as well as a diverse range of photographs having been taken by over 50 boys to go towards their respective coursework portfolios.