Over the past few weeks students at Challoner's have been writing poems based on conflict, for a new national competition organised by Young Writers to encourage students aged between 11 and 18 to write and appreciate poetry. Participants entering can write any form of poetry from a haiku to a sonnet; and it can be about anything from bullying to a family member in the Forces.

This has been a brilliant opportunity for our writers, challenging their creativity and technical writing ability. Leading up to the competition deadline, Miss Wilson has run workshops and given feedback to the budding poets, and has been pleased to watch their skill develop. With judging now underway, our entrants look forward to the chance to have their talents showcased in an anthology of the winning entries. Additionally, there is a £1000 prize for the student's school should they write the very best poem - so we wish them all a lot of luck!

We will revisit this competition in Ad Astra at the end of the year. Meanwhile, here are a couple of entries for you to enjoy.