The Geography teams's annual Year 10 visit to the River Chess this year saw over 150 students take part in extending their GCSE studies further than the classroom. On two separate days roughly 80 students visited seven sites along the River Chess. Fortunately for the students the weather stayed sunny and there was no need for waterproofs as they collected data for the rivers topic of their GCSE course. Tommy Roberts in 10 Newman said the visit was 'enjoyable and useful' and gave students a 'further understanding' of the topic.

The Year 12s went further afield for their visit to East London. Over two days two groups of over 30 students travelled into London to explore land use in the East End and City of London. The boys are currently studying urban land use as part of their AS course and the East End and City proved to be very useful areas to explore this. The visit went through the diverse areas of the City of London, Brick Lane, Bank, the Barbican Estate and Whitechapel. Overall, both visits were another fun and interactive experience courtesy of the Geography team who have had a very busy half term.