Year 8 students have embraced their cookery lessons and learned basic skills and techniques such as the bridge and claw grips when chopping or slicing fruit and vegetables, the difference between grilling and baking and when to leave the oven door open and when to close it! They have made everything from fruit salad to rock cakes with pizza toast in between. Their ability to wash up and sterilise their working areas is also impressive.

Only a few weeks into term came the open evenings, and the cookery room was full of visitors watching the volunteer demonstrators produce tray after tray of muffins, cheesy biscuits and spicy sweet potato wedges, which disappeared like the proverbial hot cakes.

The session when they prepared their own chosen dishes coincided with Mufti Day for 8F and 8T and they impressed with an assortment of cookies, brownies and homemade noodles with fried mackerel which bodes well for future fund raising events!