The first of three Enrichment Days for this academic year was held on September 26th and, as always, the school was buzzing with excitement as the students enjoyed the opportunity of a completely new learning experience with their year groups.

Year 7 spent 3 days at UKSA, an annual event that is embraced by the new students as it gives them the chance to bond with their new forms as well as learn what is usually a new sport for most of them. Year 8’s visited The Globe in London, Year 9’s had a day of 'chemistry at work' with exciting experiments and year10’s enjoyed learning about Physics in a totally new way by spending time at Thorpe Park learning about the mechanics of the rides as well as trying them out!

The Year 11 group learnt about university courses to guide them in making decisions about what A level options they might consider later in the Year and 12’s spent their time developing their understanding of Learning @ Challoners. It was left to the Year 13’s to get their hands dirty, albeit in a good way, as they were given the opportunity to learn about car mechanics, a much needed skill as they are at the age when they are taking their driving tests.