During the half term break 23 students accompanied by 2 members of staff set off to France for the inaugural 1st XV Rugby Tour. First stop was Lille where they took the opportunity to explore the town before getting down to the business of training. This was followed by an afternoon of tree climbing which provided much entertainment!

The team was ready to play some Rugby and after an excellent motivational speech they were fired up for their first fixture against Entente Bailleul Hazebrouk RC. They secured a convincing win of 90 points to 5 and this set them up for the rest of the tour. After travelling to Paris they spent some time on the Champs-Elysees and then played an evening fixture against RC Dos 19, an excellent contest between two evenly matched teams which ended with a 19-19 draw.

Of course, no tour is complete without highly competitive fun amongst the students and staff and bowling was the highlight for Mr Duggan and Mr Sharpe who dominated the scoring! The tour also included a visit to Disneyland Paris where a number of students amused the locals by dressing up in fancy dress. Overall the tour was a real success, the students bonded well and performed impressively on the Rugby pitch to return unbeaten, and their behaviour was exemplary throughout.