Diwali Lamps (courtesy of flickr.com)

Hindus, Jains and Sikhs celebrated Diwali on Saturday 14th November this year. However, with the restrictions of lockdown, the festival of light was very different this year without the traditional family gatherings and temple prayers.

What happens during Diwali?

During the festival we light lamps or candles (called divas or diyas) in our homes and light fireworks to show the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. We also decorate the entrance to our homes with colourful designs called rangoli, which are made with coloured flour, and we eat Indian sweets called mithai.

How come Diwali was on 27th October last year?

The date for Diwali changes every year because it is meant to happen on the day of a new moon when it is darkest, to show that light always defeats darkness.