The Religious Studies Department and its A level students are proud to invite you to read the first volume of The Challoner's Journal of Philosophy.

Back in April, when the first lockdown commenced and our learning was to move online, students studying RS and Philosophy in Year 12 were set the task of an independent research project. This aimed to answer a philosophical question or discuss a key philosopher, and allowed students to go and pursue their philosophical interests free of the constraints of an A level specification.

After weeks of research, drafting, feedback, and re-drafting, a plethora of projects had been produced, and Mr McIntosh decided to put this journal together to highlight the essays of just a few VI Form Philosophers. The journal contains a selection of absolutely fascinating topics, which range from the meaning of music to whether or not Karl Marx was correct about human nature.

I hope that this journal will inspire future generations of students to start thinking critically about the assumptions and questions which people usually just brush over, and that some students may even be prompted to do some research of their own. This is hopefully the first of many volumes to come.

I finally would like to give a massive thanks on behalf of everyone to Mr McIntosh for his work in putting this together, and in guiding us through the writing process - it's an understatement to say that it couldn't have happened without him.

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