This annual visit to see Shakespeare's Macbeth is compulsory for all students, to study for their GCSEs, and this year the visit took us to the Barbican Theatre. The play was a great way for the students to develop their understandings of the difficult Shakespeare text in more detail. It also showed ways the play can be presented that we hadn’t thought of previously. For example, three young girls playing the three witches created an incredibly eerie atmosphere.

My favourite aspect of the play was definitely the Porter, as in the event of a death he would add a tally to the wall behind him and by the end there were rather a few tallies. A lot of our year had previously seen Macbeth Rebooted, put on last summer by our very own Mr Millar, which allowed us to make a great comparison between different ways of presenting this historic play.

All who went thoroughly enjoyed the experience and come our exams in June we will all certainly have this incredible experience in mind.