The author of the well-known series TimeRiders, Alex Scarrow, visited DCGS to motivate Year 7s in their writing. He is a very amusing author, always telling jokes and making sure we enjoyed our time in his company. His impersonation of Hitler was particularly hilarious because he sounded like Yoda!

Alex talked to us about his life and all his previous jobs before becoming an author, including working as a computer game designer and spending 10 years as a guitarist in a rock band! He started off being a blood effects designer for a fighting game and after many years of hard work he became a senior game designer.

I was absolutely fascinated by what he had to say about TimeRiders. Most of his ideas were from his time in the computer games industry. Scarrow explained his thoughts on time waves and how if one tiny thing changed, the entire future could change. For instance, if someone told Hitler that he should not invade Russia, the world today could be flying Nazi flags everywhere.

Keen Listening

We were lucky enough to have Scarrow read the first two chapters of TimeRiders to inspire us. His use of vocabulary was amazing; the action never stopped!

The most important thing he left us with was his best tip if you want to be a writer, read as much as you can because it’s like a cauldron. You can choose certain things from the cauldron and add them to your own and no one will realise...