On three very cold and windy winter nights, students from Years 7, 8 and 9 took part in the House Rugby competition. The boys were in a competitive spirit - eager to win points for their house. Playing in the cold conditions made handling the ball tricky as it was very slippery, making it hard to pass and catch firmly, leading to commotion amongst the teams. The weather didn’t hamper spirits however and as Challoner’s competitions always are, it was a fearsome contest.

The whole competition was a new and exciting experience for those not familiar with the sport; helped by the passion and high level of tension throughout. With Pearson in the lead in the House Competition, the other five houses looked to catch the light blue army up by accomplishing a victory in the House Rugby.

However, this was not to be the case! Despite playing with one less man in every match, Year 7 Pearson came out on top winning four of the five games comfortably, with Newman in 2nd and Foxell 3rd. Pearson were also victorious in the Year 8 and 9 competitions, putting themselves several points clear in the overall standings.

The competition was a great way to encourage students new to the sport to engage with it in a fun and friendly way. It also provided a way for those in the teams to have the opportunity to play with their form friends.

Thank you to the PE Team for giving up their evenings to make it an enjoyable House Rugby event.

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