Challoner’s Lower School Debating Club is in full flow and the first week of the league is over. A rollercoaster of arguments have been formulated, commencing with a bang with the hotly discussed topic of Animal Experimentation. My partner and I had the controversial position of arguing for experimentation on animals for cosmetics and medication. We managed to scoop up a Golden Ticket to move higher up the league table, with many other debaters at our heels.

Debating Club helps the development of your speaking skills. It usually begins with 'friendlies' to help students settle in and gradually progresses to a league table. This is a very enjoyable activity and can help you in future years for interviews or meetings.

Year 8 Debater

Debating Club is available to all students in Years 8 to 11 and is organised by Mr Spenceley. To help him, a team of a dozen Sixth Form students adjudicate the weekly debates. Topics that have recently been discussed cover a wide spectrum: including smoking, physical education and animal experimentation.

On Tuesdays a similar club runs for Sixth Form students with recent topics including imprisonment, vegetarianism and censorship. This also started off extremely well, with the topic of eradicating the minimum wage, which is still entangled with recent events regarding the budget.