Curtis Jobling, author of Wereworld and Max Helsing and producer of Bob The Builder and Raa Raa the Noisy Lion, came in to share some words of wisdom with the whole of Year 8. With the experience of seven novels and countless TV shows, he showed the year group his talent in both writing and drawing.

With a mix of passion and pure skill he showed off, drawing Bob The Builder, Wendy and a cat in less than 10 seconds each. He showed everyone how to do puppet animations and all the things he did for Wallace and Gromit when he used to work there. He also told us all about computer animation (CGI) although he really opposed the idea, claiming 'it isn’t real animation'.

Jobling told us how it was always his childhood dream to become an author. He said, ‘Even though doing Bob The Builder was fun, my main ambition in life was to become an author. There is no point in having a job that you don’t enjoy, I have luckily been very fortunate as I have loved all the jobs I have had!’ He was so full of passion it was hard not to agree with everything he said. His love of writing and drawing was extraordinary and was the fuel of his burning passion. He didn’t just love writing and drawing but he loved reading just as much. He then showed us his true wisdom by saying ‘For an author reading is just as important as writing. Without reading you will never become a great writer.’

He then generously gave a couple of copies of his books to the school library and took a selfie for Instagram with all of Year 8. He inspired many of the students including me to read, write, and draw more. Later that day he also signed people’s books for them. His parting words were 'If you want to do something, it is down to you!' We all had a brilliant time with him and look forward to reading more of his books in the future.