As part of their course, every A Level Drama cohort gets to write, direct, stage and perform their own devised pieces. Although both of this year’s pieces used Jez Butterworth’s Jerusalem as stimulus, they turned out vastly different in both tone and theme.

The idyllic setting of Roots, worked on by Kieran Roy, Jennifer McCallum, Natty Wilson and Christian Jarcheh, allowed them to portray the struggles of a young man attempting to break free from his well-meaning but suffocating family. The cast had made a careful consideration of colour in both costume and scenery, and along with some well-arranged physical theatre this emphasised the forest setting of the family of lumberjacks. At the same time, the creeping tension in slowly realising the obsessive nature of the family reached a heart-pounding crescendo with Jarcheh portraying the hostile meltdown of the father at his son.

Survivor X took a more topical approach in its imagination of the fallout from the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Created by Adam Bosher, Freddie Tadman and Matthew Goodwin-Freeman, the performance speculated at the innocuous events - the cut corners and the human error - that can lead unwittingly to disaster. Some striking interpretive dance and clever use of make-up led to a dramatic representation of the awful night, and an opportunity for us all to reflect on it.

These 20 minute pieces were the culmination of weeks of hard work, and were very impressive in both their concept and delivery. They were thoroughly appreciated by their audiences - well done all.