Year 10 students taking GCSE Geography had an amazing opportunity to visit the London Docklands. The main theme for the trip was looking at an urban regeneration project. Two sets went on Wednesday the 8th, the other two sets went on Friday the 10th

The Excel Centre

The trip started by taking a coach journey all the way through London and round the back of the Excel centre, then proceeding to the Victoria docks. The students were given booklets and were asked typical Geography questions. For example, questions to do with the growth of the area during the Industrial Revolution and then the decline of the area’s popularity during the 1960s and 70s due to containerisation and deindustrialisation.

The Shard

After that, we made our way to Silvertown, an area of the Docklands, looking at certain characteristics of the place, like traffic, pedestrian count, litter and so on. Afterwards, we went up the Emirates Airline. Up there, we were able to see London from an eagle eye perspective, investigating the main features of the redevelopment of London from above. It was also really cool. The Emirates Airline took us to Canary Wharf, on the other side of the Thames.

The view of the O2 arena and more from the Emirates Air Line

After a bit of walking, we were able to do two things: complete our booklet section on Canary Wharf, and more importantly, eat. Lunch is a pretty important part of the day, especially when it’s cold. We then went on the DLR (Dockland Light Railway), aiming to understand how the city has been connected since the redevelopment. The DLR took us to Greenwich, marking the end of our Jubilee Line tour, for us to then get on a river boat for a trip on the Thames to Westminster. This was where our Geography theory kicked in. Questions on the main features of the lower course of a river and erosion management.

A huge thank you to the teachers involved.

Tower Bridge, taken from the River Thames